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Buying commercial property in London is not the most common practice with many businesses favoring rentals. Despite this there are many advantages to investing in your work space.

Commercial property for sale in London can be broken down into four principal sectors:

  • Offices – standard offices and business parks
  • Retail – shops, shopping centres, retail warehouses, department stores and supermarkets
  • Industrial – industrial estates, warehouses, land
  • Leisure – restaurants, pubs, hotels, leisure parks

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buying Commercial Property Advantages and Disadvantages

If you are a small or new business without the capital to buy a property, renting may be a more viable option. For larger businesses, those that have formed a professional partnership or, if you own a shop or pub and wish to live above the premises, buying commercial property can have a number of benefits for you.

advantages to buying your own commercial property:

  • Freedom – to use the property, redesign, decorate, make repairs and move when you wish
  • No rental increases, and you may be able to fix your mortgage monthly payments
  • Profit – if the building gains value, you will be the one to profit
  • Sub-let – you may be able to let out part of the property to lessen your mortgage repayments
  • Let – in future, if your business moves, you can let the property to receive another income
  • Interest payments on commercial mortgages are tax deductible

disadvantages to buying your own commercial property:

  • Capital – when you buy a property you tie up capital which could be invested elsewhere in your business
  • Time – making alterations or carrying out building work can take up valuable time
  • Responsibility – you will be responsible for the safety of the building, health and safety and fire precautions
  • If the property loses value, it could impact on your business capital.

As a general rule, buying commercial premises often has a higher overall cost than renting for the first five years, equal for the next five years, and then cheaper from then on. Anyone looking to buy commercial property should therefore view it as a long-term investment for your business.